Tandy leather intermediate carving class #2 “Maltese Cross”

For our 2nd intermediate carving class at Tandy Leather we will be carving this 2″ Maltese cross. Class will be this Saturday September 17th at Tandy Leather in Springfield Mo. From 1-3 pm. Cost for the class is $20.00 please call 417-862-8669 to reserve your spot! 

Beveling tools required: 

-B203 medium beveler or equivalent large or medium beveler. 

-V708 (V407 or V412 will also work)

-S705 or other seeder.

-A98 or equivalent small angle background tool.

-F941 Large angle corner tool or equivalent. 

-A104 Angle backrounder or other background tool.

-P236 or other small pear shader.

My first carving class…

Here is a picture from the first intermediate leather carving class I taught for Tandy Leather in Springfield Mo.

I had an awesome time, Thank you so much Tim, and the good folks at Tandy Leather for this great opportunity and support. I also can’t thank Bob and Roger enough for being my first students! I really hope you guys had fun and learned some techniques to help in your goals. I can’t wait to be back on Saturday September 17th for another intermediate carving class! Call Tandy Leather for details and reserve your spot at 417-862-8669! Hope to see you there! -Rob