Dad’s rifle sling finished…

Dad’s custom rifle sling finished. Artwork is all pyrography (burning) featuring my dad’s “J.J.” insignia he signs his artwork with, custom tribal/totem style design, and large feathers and tons of stippling detail. Dyed in a “fade” with 3 different shades of brown. Wide design on top for comfort. Also last but not least, goat skin padding sewed in, and has a compression type setup for adjustment of sling eliminating the normal screw posts for easier use, better fit, and adjustment while hunting. I’m really proud of the way it turned out, and I hope my dad get’s many happy years of use out of his new sling! -Rob

6 thoughts on “Dad’s rifle sling finished…

  1. How many ounce leather is the outer layer that received pyrographics?
    Hardware, what size/length of Chicago screws?
    Six stitches per inch? Looks closer to eight per inch.
    Finish. Always love to hear about finishes. Neatsfoot. Beeswax.
    One inch QD acceptable or 1.25 inch QD?

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    1. You know your stuff! I used a premium hand picked 8/9 oz leather. The stitching was done with our Tippman “Boss” hand driven sewing machine. Used 1/4″ black finish Chicago screw and thinned down the leather where it folds for no cracking. Then massaged in Aussie conditioner for 2 days and applied Neatsfoot oil on back of bottom of sling and let it soak. This thing is softer than butter! lol I’m a second generation leather worker, my parents started in leather in 1972 and owned a shop for many years. I learned everything from them and still work beside my dad today in our small shop as a hobby.

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